According to NPD data in its reporting about sales in the British toy sector, toy sales have grown 5% compared to last year and it seems to be that movie-related toys have contributed on it. In that way, the toy market is seeing a positive season with good changes.

The most dynamic toy categories are action figures, with 27 percent more of sales over last year; electronic youth games, with 15 percent more; and the building sets, with 13 percent more. But the toy category which has grown the most in relation to the sales are the movie-related, with 28 percent more of sales than the last year. Further, they represent 15 percent of overall toy sales in the UK, in front of the 12 percent in 2014.

Currently, the most important movie-related toys are Disney Frozen (as the number one of the market) and Star Wars (as the number two), licences which are going to keep their importance for one season more at least.

Source: Key4Communications